Phillip Hatfield


Phillip, is a renowned motivational Key Speaker, Author and a Consultant for all kinds of business, he takes delight in transforming the culture of most organizations to help overcome personal and organizational challenges, and he really understands the crisis of change on a personal, professional, and even physical level. He has worked hard to overcome obstacles and break through barriers in each of those areas.

He uses his diverse experiences to help his audience transform their personal and professional lives by tapping into their own power to overcome their own obstacles and break through their own barriers.

Phillip is a seasoned facilitator at Knowledge Tree International, and has established a track record of transformational leadership – and a reputation as “The Turn-Around Guy” – in his 25+ years as a successful businessman in several industries.

He offers all three forms of coaching, One Time, Business and Executive coaching to suit all-purpose in life. He has a portfolio of experiences to share with the world.